Student Taskforce Against COVID-19

"Prevention is better than cure."


The Student Taskforce Against COVID-19 (STAC-19) is an autonomous organization, primarily aimed at joining hands with frontline healthcare workers in the fight against COVID-19. The ethos of the taskforce derives from our volunteers’ oath to serve, in whatever capacity possible, as future leaders of society and healthcare.

We invite you to be part of our mission by contributing both in terms of your skills and expertise.






Ongoing Projects

Our Mission

STAC-19 is a need-of-the-hour project platform that promotes strong leadership amongst student teams, strategic innovation targeted at developing real-time solutions to emerging and existing healthcare problems, reliable communication of authentic and relevant information in the midst of rumor and misinformation overload, community support on individual and regional levels, and multidisciplinary teamwork amongst diverse volunteer groups.

Our Projects:

TeleMedicine ICU:

In partnership with Aga Khan University, and subsequently, the provincial government...

Aik Aik Qadam:

Examples include students having to deal with the stress of loss of studies...


This project focuses on creating PPE alternatives and recycling...


Many elders live in Senior Citizen Homes for Elderly Care and this part of the population...


Hopkins University COVID Design Challenge 2020.
Honourable Mention – ranked amongst the top 20 out of 235 teams.


  • Scientists Against COVID, Pakistan
  • Aga Khan University
  • Pakistan Medical Association
  • Saaya
  • Students Against COVID
  • Y’s Charity
  • Sindh Provincial Government, Pakistan
  • Karachi Relief Trust
  • SINA Health Trust
  • First Response Initiative of Pakistan