Student Taskforce Against COVID-19

"Prevention is better than cure."

Our Projects

1. TeleMedicine ICU:

In partnership with Aga Khan University, and subsequently, the provincial government, 5th year medical student volunteers will be assisting in a first responder capacity in the new telemedicine ICU setup aimed at providing 24/7 coverage to the province of Sindh, Pakistan.

2. Project Alloy

We aim to facilitate supply chain optimization by tackling inadequate and inequitable resource distribution through a centralized management approach. Through our portal, organizations all over the world in need of PPEs, ventilators, blood donations and other key resources can be connected to NGOs, government agencies and manufacturers enable time-sensitive and need-based optimization of resource allocation and distribution.

3. Lost-in-Translation

Pakistan has 6 major languages Punjabi, Balochi, Pushto, Sindhi, Saraiki and Urdu. Additionally we have multiple regional languages- Gujari, Kashmiri, Brahui, Hindko, Marwari and many more. Unfortunately, important COVID information and explanations are not available for people who only speak these languages, or even the less common major languages. We aim to target this deficiency to produce digital and print material for dissemination to minority groups across the country.

International volunteers may opt to run subgroups for other international languages!

This project will be led by Multi-Lingual Health (MLH), a local start-up. Volunteers will be assigned to subgroups within their team.

4. Re-Source

This project focuses on creating

A) PPE alternatives - look up specifications for all the components of PPE (material, pore sizes for masks, size of face shield etc) and find alternatives materials/designs to achieve the same level of protection for Healthcare Personnel.

B) PPE recycling / resterilizing - formulating processes for reusing the available resources.

This project aims to identify and tackle potential stresses and mental health concerns within the community due to COVID-19.

5. Social Media Education Campaign

A multi-pronged approach to COVID related education and awareness. Requires working on the creation and dissemination of educational content on print and digital media.

6. Aik Aik Qadam (Peace of Mind)

Examples include students having to deal with the stress of loss of studies, delayed schedules/exams, domestic abuse and child abuse, work stress, dealing with the stress of working from home, job insecurity.

7. COVID Watch

We hope to investigate and characterize the impact of COVID-19 on individual patients and populations. Our findings can improve how health care systems prepare and plan for circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This study will be led by a Duke University and Aga Khan University partnership; STAC-19 volunteers will be assigned to sub-teams as per need.

8. HomeWork

This project aims to assist healthcare workers with their daily lives and chores, so that they can focus on their work, their patients and their own mental health. Tasks may include: delivering groceries, baby-sitting, household chores, etc.

9. COVID Docu-series

This project aims to create a short documentary series outlining how mankind has been successful in battling previous pandemics over the years, while touching upon the differences between them and the current Covid-19 pandemic to create awareness and hope. Volunteers for this project will have complete creative control and we hope that this project will be a collaboration between people from all professions and areas of expertise.

10. Buzurg (The Elderly)

Many elders live in Senior Citizen Homes for Elderly Care and this part of the population is the most vulnerable during this crisis.

We aim to reach out to these homes, find out if they need any assistance and if any teaching can be done for the staff and the residents of the Elderly homes on how best to take precautions against COVID-19.

11. COVID Informational Helpline